PLYMOUTH, Conn. (WTNH) — The Plymouth Police Department removed 16 animals from a home in Plymouth after observing unhealthy conditions during a well-being check.

Police were contacted to check-in on a resident of Harwinton Avenue on Saturday after the person living in the home wasn’t heard from in 15 hours and may have been in need of assistance. After arriving on-scene, police said officers noticed several cats outside the residence, as well as several kittens in the foyer.

While inside, an officer observed more cats in the home living in squalid conditions, with floors and carpets covered in cat urine and feces, as well as dog feces.

PPD Animal Control officers were dispatched to the scene to remove a total of four dogs, 12 cats, and two deceased cats from the home. Traps were also installed in an attempt to capture the remaining cats on the property, police said.

The resident of the home was located and transferred to a local hospital for treatment.

Following the well-being check, the Torrington Health District and Town of Plymouth Building Official came to the scene and determined that the house was inhabitable and was condemned.

The incident remains under investigation by police.

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