LITCHFIELD, Conn. (WTNH) — The Litchfield High School library received minor damage after a fire on the roof Friday afternoon, according to school officials.

According to officials, the fire broke out on the roof of the building while crews were working.

The building was immediately evacuated and no one was injured. Students had returned by 1:15 p.m.

“All of a sudden, we get a smell,” a student said. “It smells like a campfire, so we’re like ‘oh that’s kind of weird’ and then the alarms went off and we’re told to come out of the school. We all lined up on the green, on the grass, and then there were just a bunch of firetrucks coming around. It was very scary for everyone.”

The building did not have significant structural damage, according to the school, and crews have begun the restoration process.

The library was damaged by the water used to extinguish the fire, and is being repaired, as well.

The school has also started an internal investigation into why roof work was ongoing with students and staff in the building.