THOMASTON, Conn. (WTNH) — The heat did not make it easy for firefighters Monday morning in Thomaston. they spent hours battling a fire at a self-storage facility.

The call came in at 2 a.m.. Fortunately, nobody was in the storage facility on River Street at that hour, so no one was injured. Fire crews worked hard to make sure it stayed that way as they spent hours fighting this stubborn fire in all of today’s heat.

Fire crews spent 7 long hours trying to douse those flames. Fifteen different departments, all volunteers, came to help out.

“Not necessarily for the equipment, but because of the manpower, said Jon Barbagallo, Public Information Officer for Region 5. “Due to the heat, due to the need for rotation in and out.”

Meaning that, in today’s heat and humidity, they only want firefighters spending a few minutes in full gear facing those flames. Then they need to sit down, cool off, and drink lots of water. It also took lots of water to finally put out all pockets of fire. The fire seems to have started on the lower level where any number of things could have sparked the flames.

“There are 8 large storage units on the ground level with boats, cars, and trucks in them,” Barbagallo said. “Then, on the second story, which you see, is 2 units deep all with home furnishings and people’s storage units.”

Units packed with people’s stuff. It was impossible to get in, so an excavator had to pull off the roof and doors to get at all the smoldering hot spots.

“By the way, I can see the building right there, the side of where my stuff was stored in the back there. It’s all probably a total loss,” said Thomaston resident Paul Wooden.

Wooden says he had thousands of dollars’ worth of antiques and tools inside his storage unit, as well as all the equipment for his hobby.

“I had over a thousand dollars’ worth of radio controlled planes in there. Gone,” Wooden said.

State and local fire marshals are investigating how the fire started.