PLYMOUTH, Conn. (WTNH) — A Plymouth school teacher, who was arrested earlier this year for sexual assault, now faces a civil lawsuit from a victim, according to court documents.

Court documents showed a victim, identified as “Jane Doe,” alleged that she was sexually abused by her fourth-grade teacher, 51-year-old James Eschert, during the 2017-2018 school year. The victim alleged that Eschert openly fondled and caressed students, placing his hands inside their clothing. In the suit, the victim alleged that the school’s former principal failed to act or protect her, allowing the abuse.

Attorney Cindy Robinson and Attorney Douglas Mahoney of the law firm Robinson Mahoney are representing the victim. In a joint statement, the pair said the Plymouth Police Department identified a number of students and parents who had voiced their concerns about Eschert to administrators.

“Tragically, the school system did not react to these complaints and Eschert was allowed to continue his abuse of these young children,” Attorneys Robinson and Mahoney said.

Additionally, both attorneys said the new Superintendent of Schools in Plymouth, Brian Falcone, expressed his concerns about the complaints against Eschert when interviewed by the police department.

The lawsuit was also filed against the Plymouth Board of Education.

“Parents entrust their young children into the care of our public schools,” Mahoney said. “For school administrators to have information that one of its teachers is being sexually inappropriate with a student and then do nothing about it is a complete violation of that trust.”

Eschert worked in the Plymouth Public School system since 1998, teaching both third and fourth grade through 2021. Following a complaint in September of 2021 of inappropriate conduct, Eschert was placed on administrative leave and then suspended on October 9, leading him to resign from his position.

Police investigated the complaint and received an arrest warrant. Eschert turned himself into police in January and was charged with two counts of fourth-degree sexual assault and five counts of risk of injury.