WINSTED, Conn. (WTNH) — Winchester police are investigating after white supremacy signs were found posted in downtown Winsted.

According to Town Manager Josh Kelly, the Department of Public Works removed two signs from light poles Tuesday that were advertisements for Patriot Front, which is a white supremacist, fascist and anti-Semitic hate group.

According to Kelly, the group openly used the slogan “Blood and Soil,” which is a Nazi slogan and fascist symbolism.

Kelly asked that anyone who sees these types of signs posted should report them to his office, the Department of Public Works or the Winchester Police Department.

The Winchester Department of Public Works released the following statement after the hate group signs were found.

“Hate has NO home in our town, and the presence of these signs on the streets of Winsted is absolutely unacceptable. While we do not know that someone from town placed these signs, they were displayed here. Please be vigilant and report the placement of any such signs to my office, the Department of Public Works, or the Winchester Police Department. They will be taken down immediately.”

Officials said two additional hate group signs were found in Winsted on Wednesday.

According to town officials, the signs were posted up so high that only the Department of Public Works could get them down.

The Winchester Police Department is conducting an investigation into the hate group signs.

Anyone with information on who is trespassing and defacing private property is asked to call police.