THOMASTON, Conn. (WTNH) — The Vatican is looking into reports of a possible religious miracle in Thomaston, according to the Archdiocese of Hartford.

The possible miracle happened during a March 5 Mass at Saint Thomas Church.

“We had something happen,” Rev. Joseph Crowley said, growing emotional in a video addressing the congregation after communion. “God provides, and it’s funny how God provides, and sometimes it comes in a weird way, in a mystical way.”

Crowley said that a minister ran out of hosts during communion. Then, when he looked in the ciborium, there were more.

“God duplicated himself in the ciborium,” Crowley said in the video, noting that the potential religious miracle was caught on tape.

The archdiocese said in a statement that miracles “are divine signs calling us to faith or to deepen our faith.”

“Roman Catholics experience a daily miracle because every time Mass is celebrated what was bread becomes the Body of Christ and what was wine becomes his Blood,” the archdiocese said in a written statement. “Through the centuries this daily miracle has sometimes been confirmed by extraordinary signs from Heaven, but the Church is always careful to investigate reports of such signs with caution, lest credence is given to something that proves to be unfounded.”

If verified, the incident “would constitute a sign or wonder that can only be attributed to divine power to strengthen our faith in the daily miracle of the Most Holy Eucharist.”

“It would also be a source of blessing from Heaven for the effort that the U.S. Bishops are making to renew and deepen the faith and practice of our Catholic people with regard to this great Sacrament,” the statement reads.