BARKHAMSTED, Conn. (WTNH) — Fire and police crews came to the rescue early Saturday morning to save a moose that became stuck in a fence in Barkhamsted.

Wardens from the Connecticut State Environmental Police responded to a call around 12 a.m. of a moose stuck in a fence. While CSECP said it appeared at face value that the moose was impaled by the fence, he was actually just stuck and unable to get his rear legs over, noting that his belly kept him from going backwards.

Photo courtesy CSECP

CSECP called in the fire department and state police to cut one end of the fence and pull the panel down slowly with a truck. Through the jaws of life, crews cut one end of the fence panel, and the force of the moose was able to separate the other side, having the piece fall right to the ground.

After about 15 seconds, CSECP said the moose slowly walked away and then jogged back to the end of the reservoir, disappearing into the night.

“This time of year, male moose are actively trying to find mates to breed with, thus sometimes finding themselves in awfully peculiar spots, just like the moose this week wandering around the parking lot in Danbury,” CSECP said.

Spotting a moose in Connecticut is fairly common; after a moose was spotted in Danbury, the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) issued a warning, noting that the animal poses a threat to drivers. DEEP said that while there are only about 100 moose in the state, data collected from other states indicate a car vs. moose collision is 30 times more likely to result in a human death than a car vs. deer crash.

Earlier this year, DEEP also issued a warning after the “celebrity” moose was spotted on the loose in Winchester. While the animal could be a docile creature, police said the moose was believed to be pregnant and therefore, territorial.

DEEP is asking the public to report moose sightings to the DEEP wildlife division.