WATERTOWN, Conn. (WTNH) — Watertown schools will see more police in the area Friday after the FBI alerted authorities about a social media threat against an unspecified Connecticut school, according to authorities.

It has since been deemed not credible, according to a message later Friday morning from the district’s board of education.

“Since the most recent events in our nation, the FBI has increased their level of communication with all local PDs and we are thankful that their new processes are in action,” Chief Joshua Bernegger wrote in a social media post.

The person who posted the social media message does not live in the Watertown/Oakville area and the threat was not directed at a Watertown school.

“When non-specific social media messages that include threats are received it is necessary to conduct a full investigation on where the message originated from and who the sender of the message is to determine the credibility of the threat,” Bernegger said.

The schools were on a three-hour delay in the morning, and the district hoped to transfer into the rest of the day “as seamlessly and smoothly as possible,” the message from the board reads. Police will continue to walk through buildings.

“When moments like these occur, our district in collaboration with WPD are immediately at the ready to implement safety protocols to ensure the safety of our students,” the board wrote. “Although it is only the start of the school year, safety training took place all summer with key groups and safety training will continue to take place over the course of this year. I am so proud at how well today’s processes moved and how quickly our administrative, faculty/staff, and security teams responded. Once again, thank you to our local WPD for all that they do in communicating and securing our schools.”