NEW HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — New Hartford, or Puddletown? It’s been both!

A new sign on Route 44 West into New Hartford now reads “Welcome to Puddletown – Re-established in 2023.”

The history behind the name dates back to the 1800s. Puddletown was a real town for a brief time, becoming a hub for industrial activity. The name comes from the term “puddling,” which is when high-quality bar iron is made.

The name has been revived for a new entertainment venue and outdoor experience.

“We are the home of Main Stream Canoe and Kayak, which has been servicing river tours for 49 seasons now,” said Rob Goldberg, who owns Puddletown Adventures.

The business has had BaR Rated Entertainment for 13 reasons, and has archery dodgeball — which is dodgeball, but with bows and foam arrows.

Puddletown Adventures is open for business. Trips can be booked online.