WATERTOWN, Conn. (WTNH) – A Watertown winery has created a special “unicorn slushie” in honor of a 4-year-old girl who tragically passed away, with all proceeds of the drink going directly to her family.

Hawk Ridge Winery announced the creation of the concoction on its Facebook page. The drink is described as a blue raspberry and watermelon slush topped with whipped cream and special “unicorn dust”.

A photo of the drink and Ellie Kuslis, who passed away April 23. Photo courtesy of Hawk Ridge Winery.

The unicorn theme has been shared on many social media posts honoring the girl. All proceeds generated from the drink will go directly to her family. The slushie is available for a limited time and will be served until May 5 or “until volume decreases”, according to a Facebook comment.

The winery will also be hosting a celebration of her life this week. Details can be found on the company’s Facebook.