Local Army veteran continues to help Americans get out of Afghanistan after Taliban takeover


KABUL, Afghanistan (WTNH) — The danger to American’s stranded in Afghanistan continues. Estimates of thousands of American citizens and Permanent Resident Card (or ‘Green Card’) holders waiting to board planes have one Connecticut veteran springing into action again.

On Wednesday, Alex Plitsas shared emotional photos with News 8 of him hugging an Afghan woman at the airport, the image the result of a harrowing escape out of Afghanistan for her children.

“The mom came up and just gave me a huge bear hug and collapsed in my arms and started crying and then I lost it,” Plitsas said.

We introduced you to Plitsas about a week ago, an Army veteran working with Digital Dunkirk. A group of former military members working intelligence contacts on their phones to help Americans and refugees get out of Kabul.

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Four children, the oldest only 16-years-old, were saved.

“The moment that they got inside the gate and were able to take a picture to let me know they were OK,” Plitsas said.

Their father, who worked for American forces was killed by the Taliban. Their mother, an American, sought asylum for the family in Pakistan, but they were kidnapped by a relative and abandoned.

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“This was a race against time to get the kids. They also had no passports or Green Cards because they hadn’t been to the US even though their mom was an American,” Plitsas explained.

In a photo, the children are huddled with hundreds in a C17 cargo plane en route to safety. The Taliban waiting for official word to let Americans board and leave the country.

“For better or worse, they are the government in Afghanistan at the moment,” Plitsas said.

Plitsas is in D.C. working sensitive logistics with dozens of others on a humanitarian mission.

“There are terrorist elements operating in the country. We still have Americans there and it’s in our best interest to get all these people out as quickly as possible because we don’t need anything to happen to them,” Plitsas said.

For now, he savors the victories like reuniting Sunneta and her kids.

“To get her to reconnect with her kids…they have a mom again for the first time in five years. It was pretty remarkable,” Plitsas said.

Plitsas is now working with several Hollywood actors fundraising to get money for the family.

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