MIDDLEFIELD, Conn. (WTNH) — People who showed up at the pumps were met with a shocking reality: overnight, the average price of regular gasoline jumped to $4.92 per gallon.

“For four days, I spend maybe $100,” one customer said.

The gas hike is having an impact on local businesses around the state.

“What hits us hard is we have about six or seven trucks on the road a day,” Joe DeFrancesco, co-owner of J DeFrancesco & Son said.

DeFrancesco’s farm has nine acres of greenhouse space, and each week, it ships out plants and vegetables to stores in states ranging from Boston to New York. The trucks run off diesel fuel, which isn’t cheap.

“Now, it’s probably six and plus per gallon,” DeFrancesco said. “So, the fuel prices doubled. The trucks run about a hundred gallons a day.”

As fuel prices soar, so will the cost of some of the products he uses in order to run the business effectively. DeFrancesco noted that all the pots are oil derivatives in pricing.

At Lyman Orchards in Middlefield, the story is pretty much the same where strawberries are now in season.

“I’m a little numb now, because everything is so high,” Lyman Orchards Vice President John Lyman told News 8.

The farm, known for growing oranges, peaches, pumpkins, and more, said deliveries are primarily made locally, however, there’s still concern about customers and high gas prices impacting their wallets.

“Our other concern is just how much it may impact people,” Lyman said. “We rely on people coming out here to pick your own, go shop at the store.”

As summer approaches, Lyman said he hopes that stay-cations will become the norm — saving on fuel prices and promoting local businesses.