(WTNH) — A Connecticut kid has a role in one of the biggest shows streaming right now.  If you’re a Marvel fan, or know one, you’ve probably heard all about “WandaVision” — that’s where you’ll find six-year-old Baylen Bielitz. 

“It was amazing,” said Baylen. “It was cool, it was fun to meet new people on set.”

The series follows Avengers superheroes Wanda and Vision — Baylen appears in episode 5 alongside the show’s stars. 

“I saw Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany, definitely my favorite was Katheryn Hahn,” he said. “We just had a connection.”

That’s right — 6-years-old and already casually friends with celebs. If you’re not caught up, there might be some light spoilers ahead. 

His character Billy is one of Wanda and Vision’s twin boys. We can confirm: Baylen is still friends with the young actor that played his twin brother. 

“It felt interesting to be with people that I’m supposed to be related to but I’m actually not,” he said.

The show was filmed in Georgia in 2019; Baylen was learning script before he could even read.

“He would literally learn the lines by me saying his lines,” said his mother, Laura, “and I was like, oh my god, he picked it up so quickly.”

He’s also learning about the ever-expanding Marvel universe. 

“I’m 6, I don’t know much about Marvel but I watched my episode and a couple others,” he said.

As for what’s next for the young actor, he hopes this is just the beginning. 

“I love so much about it,” he said. “I really do want to keep acting.”

WandaVision is currently steaming on Disney+.