MIDDLETOWN, Conn. (WTNH) – Connecticut State Police uploaded the first day of Memorial Day weekend traffic statistics, indicating there were 109 accidents in total and 0 fatalities reported on the first day.

Overall, Connecticut State Police received 1,970 calls for service on May 27. Here is how these calls have been categorized:

  • Speeding: 154
  • Seatbelt violations: 69
  • Hazardous moving violations: 113
  • DUI arrests: 10
  • Accidents: 109
  • Accidents with reported injuries: 7
  • Fatalities: 0

This Memorial Day weekend, Connecticut State Police are expecting more calls due to a greater number of cars on the road.

News 8 covered the DUI checkpoints Troopers are establishing around the state and how they plan to enforce safety during the holiday weekend