EAST HADDAM, Conn. (WTNH) — Glastonbury’s Alex Traynor is a literal comedian, but when it comes to his 106-year-old grandmother, the joke is on him.

Traynor’s latest TikTok video features Doris Brown, of East Haddam, who has lived through two pandemics and world wars. As of Tuesday, it had been watched more than 23 million times.

When he used her as part of his routine, she got louder laughs than he did.

“What was World War II like?” Traynor asks her in the video.

Brown’s response? “We partied.” She went on to explain that it “was crazy. Drank a lot. Smoked. When you’re young, you’re young. What do you do then? You party.”

“It does hurt my ego, for sure,” Traynor told News 8. “I think as someone who makes content, you understand that you do a lot of work.”

Traynor said that every year of his life his family has said that Brown is going to die next year.

They’re close, with Brown making him breakfast. It’s a job, he said, that she refuses to retire from.

And as for her popularity, he jokes that he’s jealous of her.

“Who couldn’t be?” he said.