CHESTER, Conn. (WTNH) — It was a beloved piece of local charm in one Connecticut town. A wishing booth – where neighbors and visitors alike could take a moment to dream big. But now – their wish is that it would come back – after the booth was suddenly taken down.

The wishing booth once stood on Main Street towering over downtown Chester.

The artists who made it say it had a direct line to the universe, but the booth has been taken down this week leaving the folks here without a place to manifest.

“We made our wish in December it was very magical and scenic and it just seemed for the holiday season but we would like to have it continue to be here,” said Sarah Riggles, Chester resident.

Chester residents Sarah and John Riggles want the wishing booth back.

It opened on Dec. 2, 2022, and was filled with good memories.

“It’s part of the town charm the thing we like about Chester, in general, is that it’s a small town but there’s really tight-knit community there are things to do,” said John Riggles.

Caryn Paradis and Christopher Owens created the booth – to look like the ones you’d see in London.

The state owns the bridge the booth was standing on and Paradis said she hadn’t pulled a permit for the booth so because of that this week it was taken down.

The stars are coming down on March 1st.

Paradis is determined to bring this booth back at a place in this village the state will approve of.

“We’re very open to somewhere else on main street or applying for a permit properly and getting it back in this location,” Paradis said.

For Paradis it’s more than just a place to share hopes and dreams.

“I mean it’s a piece of art so it’s an art installation.”

Owner Nora Murphy’s shop is right across from where the wishing booth used to be.

Murphy told us her customers really miss being able to pick up the phone and make their wishes.

“It’s fantastic though people loved it it’s very joyful and happy. I love everything they do here in Chester for the holidays.”

Paradis has all the recordings of the wishes, and they speak to what this little town is all about.

“They are beautiful they are about hope they are about family and love and people’s heartfelt desires,” said Paradis.

I reached out to the state for a comment but haven’t heard back.

But for now, the only wish the folks in this village have is to find a new home for the booth.