EAST HADDAM, Conn. (WTNH) — The Connecticut Department of Transportation (CT DOT) is conducting work on the East Haddam Swing Bridge to allow more boats to pass underneath.

Earlier this month, the structure malfunctioned, and DOT decided to keep the bridge closed until the issue could be resolved and vehicle traffic could continue. However, certain marine traffic is unable to pass underneath.

Starting Wednesday, crews will begin working to raise the bridge’s clearance by three feet to accommodate more boats.

“We’re going to be removing the scaffolding that’s been off the side of the bridge as part of our rehabilitation work,” John Morgan, spokesperson for The Connecticut Department of Transportation, said.

Removing 50 feet of suspended scaffold is expected to take two to three days.

News 8 spoke with Ralph Braun, who commutes over the bridge daily. Before the malfunction, the bridge was already undergoing a $50 million renovation. The construction was already causing delays for drivers.

“The traffic can be a pain in the neck sometimes, especially if you’re running late. But otherwise, if you take your time and wait your turn, be polite, let people in and out of the stores, don’t block the driveways and whatever, it works out fine,” Braun said.

The Department of Transportation is optimistic that the bridge will be able to open as usual and return to a set schedule in the coming weeks.