EAST HAMPTON, Conn. (WTNH) — The town of East Hampton held a heated meeting Tuesday night to discuss proposed school budget cuts.

The East Hampton Town Council is looking to slash $800,000 dollars from the school’s proposed budget, as inflation is high and COVID funds have dried up.

The meeting went on for two hours but in the end, the town council voted to keep the current budget. The vote means the town council can pass the budget as is, make more cuts or send it back to the East Hampton Board of Finance, who could add additional funds.

For now, the town council will review the proposed budget cuts, which include five teacher layoffs, increased classroom sizes, and reducing the hours of math tutors as well as school psychologists.

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There will also be cuts to the curriculum. More than 80% of the education budget is salaries and benefits cutting $800,000 from the budget means cutting teachers.

“I am sad because I am one of the teachers that will have to leave and I know the other teachers there also having to look down this exact path, we are all sad because this is a district we love and this is a town that we love and these are kids that we love,” said Baraba Dupuis.

There was anger, frustration, sadness and appreciation from parents in the room.

“It is clear that the board of finance does not actually care what the families want for their children, or what is in the youth‘s best interest. They only care about the bottom line,” an attendee said.

The video below aired in our 10 p.m. newscast on April 25, 2023.