MIDDLETOWN, Conn (WTNH) – A fight between adults and students broke out after a boy’s basketball game Tuesday night between Middletown and Weaver high schools, according to police.

Officials said some student-athletes engaged in unsportsmanlike conduct after the game between Hartford’s Weaver High School and Middletown High School.

Middletown police along with district and school administrators were able to quickly get the situation under control. One minor staff injury was reported, according to a joint press release from officials with the Middletown Police Department and Middletown High School.

Middletown police are reviewing video footage to determine the cause of the fight and if any future arrests will be warranted.

Administrators at Middletown Public Schools are following district policies and protocols to fully address the matter. School officials said appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.

Superintendent Vasquez Matos will be activating the Middletown High School’s crisis team on Wednesday and will place additional staff at Middletown High School.

Officials said there will also be an increased police presence at Middletown High School on Wednesday.