MIDDLETOWN, Conn. (WTNH) – The South Fire District and Middletown crews were working to put out a gas-fed fire on a garbage truck Wednesday morning.

Crews announced that a suspected gas-fed fire had broken out on a garbage truck, which was feared to affect a nearby building on the 200 block of Main Street Extension. Crews worried the flames would travel from the truck to the facility.

According to their statement, nearly 800 lbs of compressed natural gas were involved in the fire.

News 8 reporter Ken Houston spoke to local fire officials regarding their approach to containing such a massive blaze.

“You try not to extinguish it, because if it’s a free flow of gas, it’s actually more of a hazard to the public than one that is on fire, unfortunately,” said Wade Moss, shift lieutenant of the South Fire District. “So, you will apply water to it […] What we’re trying to do is cool the tanks to prevent what’s called a bloody, which is a boiling liquid explosion inside the tank, because it’ll take over and pressurize. And that’s extremely bad.”

The fire has since been put out, according to witnesses on the scene. The garbage truck has been nearly destroyed by the fire, and the nearby building was not damaged.

Moss also tells News 8 that the driver of the truck is uninjured, and managed to escape the truck before the flames became too serious.

The truck is now located in the parking lot of Gillette Services Incorporated, and it appears that the truck was on a daily run, officials stated. Crews are now working on cleaning up the scene.

DEEP has been notified of this incident.

Middletown Fire has also stated it is urging people to use extreme caution in this area.

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