HADDAM, Conn. (WTNH) — A recently sold Colonial-era home in Haddam had an ambitious future ahead of it before it was destroyed in a fire early Wednesday morning.

“I think [the owners] were really excited about starting restoration on it and,” said Elizabeth Hart Malloy, the executive director of the Haddam Historical Society, as she shook her head.

It took more than a dozen area fire departments to put out the flames at the house, which is located on Route 154. The cause is still under investigation.

“Losing an early 19th century or late 18th century historic home is a devastating loss,” Malloy said.

The structure, originally built in Shailerville by the Shailer family, was identified as a significant architectural and historical building in town.

Now, only charred remnants remain. The wide floorboards are gone, but the center chimney, which provided all the heat for the house in the late 18th century, still stands.

While much has been lost, features like the granite front steps and center chimney can be saved and maybe incorporated into a new home, if one is built.