DEEP RIVER, Conn. (WTNH) — Students and faculty at a Deep River middle school are being relocated after mold was found in the building.

The superintendent of Deep River Schools, Brian White, confirmed with News 8 that John Winthrop Middle School students and staff will be relocated to Valley Regional High School.

“These kids are resilient, and we’ve got some people… some really smart people working everything out, and I’m not worried about it,” said parent Jill Strempel, whose son Christopher attends the middle school.

White said the district is working with the Connecticut River Area Health District and environmental professionals to determine a plan to address the issue. He also noted that the top priority is the health and wellness of the students, staff and faculty.

The families of those impacted by the mold discovery wonder if any health risks are associated with the mold in the building.

“How long has it been there? Was it there when we were there? Were we inhaling it?” Zahra Zain of Chester asked. “And how did somebody let it get this bad before noticing?”

Zahra’s mother, Aaron Zain, said her son, who currently attends the middle school, said some people were reporting headaches and feeling unwell.

The middle school students and staff will be moved to Valley Regional High School on Monday.

The high school used to house both the middle and high schools. The middle school students will be taking up one wing of the building.

However, some students say that the wing is where juniors and seniors are, so some may have to move to different lockers or classrooms. Some students and staff are concerned they may lose parking spaces to make room for the added teachers and staff driving there.

“It doesn’t affect freshmen unless you have a class up there, which I have global studies and my math class,” Zain said. “So, my math class is going to be moved to another classroom.”

While the move may be inconvenient for some, school officials said it is temporary and done out of caution to keep all students and staff safe.