MIDDLEFIELD, Conn (WTNH) — Middlefield is taking action after residents have submitted numerous complaints about a property that is collecting thousands of tires.

The tires can be seen on Ross Road overflowing into neighbors’ yards.

“Is it a relief to see this day come? Oh, dear God, yes,” Toni Plasczynski said.

News 8 visited the property in August. The owner’s son said he first started collecting tires to build a wall, but then the tires piled up several rows deep. When the town ordered him to remove the tires, he said he couldn’t afford to.

Monday, the town stepped in. Crews cut back a tree on the front lawn so a trailer could be brought to the property.

A superior court injunction ordered the tires to be removed by March 1. The town claims the tires are a health and environmental hazard, in addition to being in violation of zoning code.

Plasczynski is now concerned that rats may have lived in the tires.

The injunction bans more tires from being brought onto the property. If more tires are added, the owner can be arrested and his vehicle confiscated.

The owner must also reimburse the town for the $80,000 that will be spent on removal. The home is under foreclosure.