MIDDLETOWN, Conn. (WTNH) – People in Middletown now can get around the city on electric bikes or scooters, thanks to a new pilot program that began at the start of the month.

The city teamed up with the company Bird to bring these alternative methods of public transportation to Middletown.

The idea is to give people a convenient and more environmentally friendly way to get around the city. This could alleviate some of the parking problems as well that people might face as they make stops in the downtown area.

To use the bikes and scooters you just need to download the Bird app, connect a credit card to it and find an available bike which is also shown on the app.

The bikes are meant to get you to your destination and then just leave it outside. The bikes and scooters are not meant to be used all day long. If you want to make another trip you have to find another bike if the one you were on is not still right outside.

“They’re good to get around to places that you need to get to quickly. Like I was late for class the other day. I used it so it works pretty well,” said rider Quinn Wieties.

So far the city says about six hundred riders have already started using these electric scooters and bikes.