MIDDLETOWN, Conn. (WTNH) – The Middletown Police Department is investigating after someone allegedly vandalized a sign at a cemetery with anti-Columbus sentiments on Monday.

Police received a call around 10:30 a.m. that someone had spray-painted the sign and brownstone wall of the Indian Hill Cemetery on Washington Street.

When officers arrived, they found someone had used pink spray paint to write “Land Back F*** Columbus” with an anarchy symbol.

Police believe the vandalism happened during the overnight hours.

“We have cameras and there are some other cameras not on-site that we hope produce something here,” said Norm Emond, superintendent at Indian Hill Cemetery.

The cemetery is located across the street from the Wesleyan campus. Last year, Middletown removed the Columbus statue from Harbor Park because of construction in the park. The future of the statue is now up in the air.

Police say they have been looking for witnesses and surveillance video of the incident Monday. They add, because of the anarchist symbol and the way the graffiti was written, they’ll compare to others in the area around the state.

Lt. Brian Hubbs of Middletown PD explained, “Some taggers will actually use specific logos to them, some taggers will do random max in this case other than the anarchist symbol there doesn’t appear to be a specific pattern for this event.”

The vandalized sign and wall have been covered and a plan to begin cleanup efforts is underway. The biggest problem is the wall is very old and fragile brownstone. It’s historic so it is difficult to clean.

The city will have to bring in special cleaning equipment and the cost could end up being in the hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

Police say when they catch the vandal, the cost of the cleaning will be part of the restitution.

Anyone with information is being asked to contact Middletown Police.