MIDDLETOWN, Conn. (WTNH) — “Whey Station” is known throughout Middletown for some of the best grilled cheese sandwiches. The food truck was destroyed in a fire overnight.

John Moskites got the call in the middle of the night that his food truck was on fire. By the time he got there, it was a total loss.

“I was pretty in shock, because I had just booked a whole bunch of stuff for the following week,” he said.

The grilled cheese truck was well known from UConn to Quinnipiac to Wesleyan, and the incident happened on National Grilled Cheese Day.

“We’re definitely going to rebuild it and get back on the street as soon as possible. I have already had friends reach out offering vehicles, trailers, all kinds of stuff, so definitely the support is there.”

The truck caught fire around midnight. Middletown Fire Department Chief Jay Warren said when they arrived on scene, the propane tank in the trailer as well as the truck had already exploded and flames were racing up the side of the building. They had a small window to put the fire out because once it reaches the eaves and extends through the roof, it is nearly impossible to extinguish.

“One of the issues with the roof is its all solar panels so we had to verify that the fire wasn’t running the roofs,” Warren said.

The food truck was stored next to an old mill building on Johnson Street which is now an incubator for small businesses.

“New entrepreneurs, there are a couple of breweries, there are small businesses and it is a tremendous undertaking for the city. Every month, more and more companies are coming into the facility,” Warren said.

Students from the Oddfellow Playhouse store staging and props inside the mill building, with opening night just weeks away. If firefighters had not saved the building, the Greek play would not be the only tragedy.

“Just be grateful. The fact that they were able to save so many companies’ things… thank you, there’s nothing else to say,” said Yuki Aalgaard of Middletown.

The fire marshal’s office is still investigating to see whether this was an accident or arson.