MIDDLEFIELD, Conn. (WTNH) — A home on Ross Road in Middlefield has become the focus of several complaints because tires keep piling up on the property.

News 8 spoke with the homeowner’s son, Salvatore Russo, who said he started collecting tires for a wall that was approved to be built. He said he’s collected about 4,000 so far.

Not only do they fill the backyard of his mother’s Ross Road home, but now some are in the front yard as well.

“Would you want to buy a house on that road? Jerry Finch, a Middlefield resident asked. “Come on.”

Finch and other neighbors say they have been complaining about the property to the town and state for years,and now the tires have gotten out of hand.

“I’m on the conservation commission, and you know, unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do about it,” Finch said. “We know that’s a breeding grown for mosquitos, but again, it’s falling on deaf ears.”

News 8 spoke with the first selectman and said a cease and correct order was issued about four months ago but was ignored. After that, a citation was issued, fining the owner $150 a day. The next step would be taking the owner to court. The owner’s son, however, said he is working with the zoning officer in town to try to avoid that.

“Somebody called the DEEP, or whatever, and then they went to where I was getting rid of the tires, and then the tire place where I was getting rid of them said I can’t bring them no more,” Russo said.

He said he is trying to get rid of the tires and the ones in front of the house are ones he has moved from the backyard. He also said getting the tires taken away isn’t going to be cheap.

“They said it will be three trucks, $1,300 each truck, and they’ll come out here,” Russo said.

He also said it hasn’t been easy.

“Right now, like I said, I put off my back surgery, and I had to go back to work to get rid of these,” Russo said.

Removing the tires may not come soon enough for his neighbors’ liking.

“God forbid if those ever caught on fire, you would not be able to put those out,” Finch said.