OLD SAYBROOK, Conn. (WTNH) – An Old Saybrook middle school student was arrested Tuesday after allegedly making concerning statements to fellow students, including mention of the presence of a “hit list.”

Superintendent of Schools Jan Perruccio and Old Saybrook Police Chief Michael Spera sent a letter to staff and families on Tuesday to inform them of what happened.

They said police investigated “concerning statements” made Tuesday by a middle school student, and the statements included telling peers not to come to school on Wednesday because there was going to be a shooting and the presence of a “hit list.”

Perruccio and Spera said the investigation found a middle school student made these statements Tuesday but that no formal, actual “hit list” exists.

They said the middle school student who was the subject of the investigation was arrested for threatening in the second degree and breach of peace in the second degree. The student will appear in juvenile court Wednesday.

Police said all families with a student whose name was mentioned to be part of the “hit list” have been contacted by a police officer and the middle school principal, adding those students and their families have been offered resources through the school’s student support team.

Based on Tuesday’s investigation, police said they can confirm there are no active, credible threats at any of the town’s school campuses.

We understand that messages from us about school safety matters are concerning. We can assure you that the safety and security of your children and our staff is paramount. You should also know that as leaders of the District and the Department, it is also our daily priority. We believe that communicating with you about these matters provides you with transparent insight into what is happening concerning school safety issues in our District and how they are being addressed. The fact that students come forward to speak to adults they trust is a very important point in this situation and in each situation we have needed to address. Let’s work together to continue to support that open dialogue.

Old Saybrook Superintendent of Schools Jan Perruccio and Old Saybrook Chief of Police Michael Spera

Perruccio and Spera said they remain available to the community to discuss what happened Tuesday to the extent they are permitted to or to address general questions related to school safety.