It is all quiet at the Red Hen restaurant, which is closed on Mondays, but this weekend, the Old Saybrook eatery received threats and bad reviews.

“I will never come there again,” said one voicemail message.

It all came after being confused with a Red Hen restaurant in Virginia.

The owner of the Virginia restaurant had asked White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders to leave while dining there on Friday night.

The next day, the Red Hen on Main Street in Old Saybrook had received threatening messages on its voicemail and on its Facebook page.

“I will never use your restaurants again for what your restaurant in Virginia did to Sarah Huckabee Sanders,” said another voicemail message.

“She is a hero,” said another message. “You people are zeros.”

There were also bad reviews posted on other websites.

“They were profane, they were angry, there was just a lot of rage,” said Shelley DeProto who owns the Red Hen restaurant in Old Saybrook.

Immediately, DeProto went to work to clear her restaurant’s name. 

Her outgoing message now says, “Thank you for calling Red Hen restaurant in Old Saybrook, CT. We are not affiliated with any other Red Hen restaurant.”

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The restaurant’s facebook page also posted this message.

“Good afternoon, it seems as if there has been some confusion. We are a small privately owned bistro located in Old Saybrook CT. We have absolutely no affiliation with any other Red Hen Restaurant anywhere else.”

The angry messages continued Monday but so did calls of support. Online some leapt to her defense and tried to help clear up the confusion.

“We love our customers,” said DeProto.

“Operating under the premise that we welcome everybody here. We want everybody to have a good experience and feel welcome,” said bartender Mary Bowler.

They are hoping people get the real message about the Old Saybrook restaurant before more people get a bad taste in their mouth. 

“Basically it’s harassment at this point and this is something that will damage the business and we have people who are counting on us for a livelihood,” said DeProto.

This problem is not unique to Connecticut. A “Red Hen” restaurant in New Jersey has also been the recipient of negative calls.