KILLINGWORTH, Conn. (WTNH) — Deep in the woods of Killingworth exits a one-of-a-kind enterprise in Connecticut. The state’s only commercial cranberry farm and bog.

You might have heard of Bishops Orchards in Guilford. It’s been around for almost 150 years. Well the owner of Bishops has now branched out to produce the only locally-grown Connecticut cranberries that you can buy in stores.

“There is one commercial cranberry farm in the state and you’re talking to the owner and entrepreneur and standing in the bog itself,” Keith Bishop, Owner of Bishop’s Farm, told News 8.

Sitting on about 2 acres of land, this cranberry bog is home to millions of little cranberries harvested, and not by the means you might expect they are.

With water harvesting, “you see the berries floating and mechanically it does more damage to a higher percentage of the berries and the water aspect of it is harder to get a higher quality product,” explained Bishop.

Because of that, Bishop goes through the painstaking process of harvesting berries dry, by hand, with reliable machinery and lots of manual labor.

The bog has been in his possession since 2012, and although it’s been around since 1911, it hasn’t been harvested since the ’60s and now contains a special variety of cranberry that is extra red and extra tasty.

Cranberries are available for purchase at Bishops Orchards in Guilford, and will be showing up at smaller markets in Connecticut shortly after.