CLINTON, Conn. (WTNH) — Looking for a sport that features social-distancing and wearing a mask? Well, we found it: fencing. The co-ed sport is growing in popularity in high schools all over the state with all skill levels encouraged to give it a try.

The winter sports season is back and so are the members of the Morgan School Fencing team. Student-athletes are ready to battle on the strip.

“I really like it; it’s a lot of muscle memory so you don’t really have to think, you can just go,” senior Augusta Wohlstrom told News 8.

She’s a captain on the Morgan Huskies. She says she never really played sports growing up.

“I wanted to try something and I saw fencing and thought it would be pretty cool. And it turns out, it’s a lot more incredible than I could’ve imagined.”

Morgan Head Coach Jim Bartlett started his 10th season with the Huskies this month. He’s been around this sport a long time as a player and coach and loves watching his players improve.

“Some come in and they just look clumsy and they look awkward. And by the time they graduate, they could be first-team all-state,” the coach explained.

The sport features three types of weapons and a mask, so following COVID-19 protocols is pretty simple.

Student-athlete Alex Wolf said, “It’s perfect. I mean, we’re already wearing masks, we’re a blade’s distance away at all times. It really is the perfect social-distancing sport.”

The other unique component of the sport is that it is co-ed. Boys and girls don’t battle in a match, but they do practice together.

Student-athlete Owen said, “I think it’s nice to practice with other people that you normally wouldn’t practice with.”

Coach Jim added, “Nobody ever fights. Nobody has disagreements; they are here to make each other better.”

Junior Brendan Daly said, “We just go out there and have a good time.