PORTLAND, Conn. (WTNH) — At around 11 p.m. Friday night, Portland police responded to an attempted burglary at gun store Central Connecticut Arms.

The suspect allegedly attempted to smash the shop’s front display window with a hammer, triggering the businesses’ alarm and forcing them to flee. Nothing was stolen from the shop, according to the Portland Police Department.

In a Facebook post, Central Connecticut Arms President Rob Pizzi Jr. said their security measures worked “flawlessly” and there is some minor damage to a front window, which has been boarded up as a precaution. Pizzi also praised the Portland police and affirmed that the store is open “for business as usual.”

Portland police say the suspect is a thin Black male with a full short crop beard wearing dark sneakers, dark pants, a light-colored jacket with a crest on the left of the chest and a camo-colored baseball cap.

The Portland Police Department is asking for any information related to this case be forwarded to the department at (860) 342-6780.