MIDDLETOWN, Conn. (WTNH) — Proposed legislation would keep to-go cocktails legal in Connecticut, a move that would keep a popular COVID-19 policy in effect.

To-go drinks have been popular, with businesses seeing a big boom from the adjustment.

“I know for Cinco De Mayo that year, we had a line for to-go orders for food and drinks that was all the way around to the other street,” said Tony Pizzoferrato, who manages La Boca Mexican Restaurant in Middletown.

Demand has slowed since COVID-19 restrictions were lifted. To-go cocktails were allowed on a temporary basis to help struggling restaurants, but the policy is set to expire in June 2024.

A new bill would allow to-go drinks as long as a customer also buys food.

Pizzoferrato said it would be good to offer customers the option, but that there are concerns.

“The main thing is just making sure people aren’t going to try and abuse it, or knowing what time to, you know, if it’s 10 o’clock, are we no longer doing to-go drinks since we don’t have to-go food?” he said.

Any alcohol sold for carry-out delivery must be in a securely sealed container and placed in a bag. Anyone who picks up one must show a valid ID.

At Wood ‘N Tap in Hamden, to-go cocktail kits haven proven to be popular. Rachel Amaral, the restaurant’s general manager, is excited for the proposal.

“Now, people are coming in and looking at us for a specific cocktail, whereas you don’t really want to come home and have to make it yourself,” she said.

Workers are told to limit to-go drinks based on food purchases.

Jessica Raymond, who lives in Middletown, would like the option to have drinks delivered to her home.

“I think it’s a great service, and if it’s not just about COVID safety or anything like that, just the fact we’re getting less people off the roads who are drinking and driving, it’s even better,” she said.

Eighteen states have signed legislation making to-go cocktails a permanent option. Connecticut’s bill has not passed, but did get backing this week from the spirits industry.