KILLINGWORTH, Conn. (WTNH) — A raptor center in Killingworth is asking for the public’s help after an anonymous person dropped off a woodpecker without a note at the center’s mailbox.

The raptor center, A Place Called Hope, is a non-profit rehabilitation center for predatory birds. In a Facebook post, the center shared that a person dropped off a Red Bellied Woodpecker on Wednesday around 11:45 a.m. in a box.

APCH said that dropping the bird at a raptor center is not the best course of action because they are not songbird rehabilitators and don’t have the proper facility to care for this federally protected species.

“Without information, we do not know why you have left the bird un-secure at our mailbox,” APCH said in the post. “We are assuming that you found this bird and since it is unable to fly, you thought it was injured.”

The center went on to note that birds fledge their nests and build muscle to fly as they exercise. While woodpeckers can’t walk on flat ground, they can climb up the bark of trees.

APCH would like to get this bird back to its nesting tree and family. If it was caught by a cat, APCH said a rehabber would need to know immediately in order to put the bird on antibiotics as soon as possible to avoid death.

“With no information, you have left not only us, but this baby, at a disadvantage,” APCH said.

The raptor center is asking the person who dropped off the bird to contact the center as soon as possible at (203) 804-3453.