CLINTON, Conn. (WTNH) – A Connecticut State Police trooper has been suspended after he was involved in a crash on Christmas Day in Clinton, according to authorities.

Police say Trooper Daniel Barrera has had his police power suspended and has been placed on administrative leave with pay. Connecticut State Police say Trooper Barerra was not arrested by their division.

Clinton police responded to the crash around 6 p.m. on Christmas Day at the intersection of West Main Street and Hull Street.

Trooper Barrera was driving down West Main Street when he collided with a Toyota Rav4, according to authorities.

The Rav4’s driver and a passenger, along with Trooper Barrera, were taken to a hospital and officials said the passenger had “serious life-threatening injuries.”

According to an arrest warrant, Trooper Barrera was coming from a call at a home when he was called for a possible suicidal person. Trooper Barrera then traveled down West Main St. with his lights and sirens on when he collided with the Rav4 while it was making a left turn.

Under General Statuses Section 14-283, “police officers may proceed past any red light, stop signal, or stop sign while responding to a call and while the lights and siren are activated the officer may only do so after slowing down or stopping to the extent necessary for the safe operation of the vehicle.”

The arrest warrant continued by stating that Trooper Barrera violated two stop light signals and failed to use “due regard” when violating those signals, which gave probable cause for an arrest warrant charging the trooper with reckless driving.

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