MIDDLETOWN, Conn. (WTNH) — A social media trend is still impacting communities across the state.

Schools and law enforcement are notifying the public about the viral Orbeez challenge on TikTok. People are firing Orbeez from gel guns similar to how toy nerf and paintball guns are used. They’re being fired at random people and vehicles.

According to the Middletown Police Department, two students were getting off the school bus Tuesday, when they were struck with water beads from one of these toy guns.

This happened at the intersection of Grand Street and High Street.

As students started on their way home, a tan colored Chrysler Sedan pulled up to them. What was described as a ‘nerf gun’ was displayed out the window of the front passenger seat.

The passenger in the car began discharging the beads from the toy gun at the students. One of the students was struck in the face, but no injuries were reported. The passenger is described as a black male wearing a ski mask.

Less than a month ago, News 8 spoke with the superintendent of West Hartford Public Schools, after the district warned families about the trend.

“These toy guns and air soft guns, they look amazingly similar to real firearms and that just places the students into an unsafe position,” said Paul Vicinus, Superintendent of West Hartford Public Schools.

Middletown police said the incident earlier this week, appears to be random and there is no threat to the public. But anyone with information is asked to contact police.