WESTBROOK, Conn. (WTNH) — A Westbrook company is trying a new approach to recruit and retain employees. In addition to offering bonuses, profit sharing and a scholarship fund, it’s turning to a new benefit — free health insurance.

“We know our employees are our most valuable asset, and we work hard to take care of them,” said Marietta Lee, the chief operating officer and general counsel for The Lee Company.

The family-owned business touts itself as the leading manufacturer of miniature precision fluid control products.

It’s the same competitive health care plan the employees were already on, according to the company.

“Not only do we have free health care, but it’s not a watered-down program,” said Mark Wolf, the manufacturing supervisor.

The benefits and bonuses apply to all employees, from those who work on the manufacturing floor, to marketing, design and corporate offices.

“It’s just comforting, the fact that I chose the right company that actually cares for its employees,” said Sabrina Armento, a project engineer.