MIDDLETOWN, Conn. (WTNH) — If you’re walking around Middletown, you may find yourself asking, “What the DUCK is going on here?”

Well don’t worry, the large wooden ducks around town are all for a good cause.

The Middlesex Hospital has started a fundraiser campaign in Middletown called ‘What the Duck’, where large, decorated ducks are being displayed across Middletown to benefit goPINK+.

goPINK+ is an initiative that raises money to provide free, integrative medicine and therapy to cancer patients, including those with breast cancer at the Middlesex Health Cancer Center.

For the campaign, Middletown officials are asking businesses, families, or groups to donate money so they can receive a wooden duck to decorate and display! The completed ducks will be presented in Downtown Middletown for viewing.

And to liven up the fundraiser, once the ducks are completed, people will vote on their favorite! The top duck will be given an award.

Many of us are asking, though, why ducks?

In 2019, Middletown officials said the EG Salon came up with a new goPINK+ fundraiser, which turned out to be a duck race! They launched rubber ducks down a creek near The Blackbird Tavern in Middlefield and had participants purchase ducks in the race.

In light of this, officials decided that since the duck race was such a hit, why not stick to a theme?

So for anyone asking themselves, “what the duck is going on?” This is what the duck is going on.

To donate to the campaign, click here, and you can visit the ‘What The Duck’ website to vote for your favorite duck. Take a look below at a few of the ducks around town!