Conn. (WTNH) — All common issues are motivating voters this Election Day, including crime, inflation, and the price of gas and groceries.

“All of those issues are important, they matter but democracy matters the most,” Hartford voter Claire said. “That’s the issue at the stake today.”

Their ballots are backing their political views with the hope for change.

“Things have changed in the last year and half,” Gary Bonaldi of Wolcott said. “I think we need a change.”

Among the 2,237,189 registered voters, Democrats outnumber Republicans, but there are more unaffiliated voters than either party.

Some voters call for more unity in government and even out disparities.

“We need to do that,” Debbie Avery of Wolcott said. “Help each other. Be one united state, take care of each other.”

As votes get counted, cities and towns hope to see a higher than expected turnout.

“We all have an obligation to get out there and keep our democracy strong and support those who we support,” Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin said.

If you haven’t voted, polls close at 8 tonight in Connecticut.

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