SIMSBURY, Conn. (WTNH) — It’s farm to table to a new level – One local restaurant is buying a farm and looking to hire a full-time farmer. Millwright’s Restaurant and Tavern owner Tyler Anderson said it’s something he’s thought about doing for nearly a decade. 

“One of the best things I like about working in New England is the ability to have farms so near us,” he said. 

They’ll grow fresh fruits and vegetables for the restaurant but they’ll also use the space for COVID-friendly entertaining.

“We’re going to have events on property,” said Anderson. “I think that people, coming out of COVID, will still want to be outdoors a lot.”

At one point, Anderson maintained a three acre-farm at his home. 

“COVID has personally rekindled my love with the outdoors and so that means I get to work on a farm a little more, so work on one cook on one and it’ll supply our vegetables here,” he said. 

He said it won’t take away business from the local farmers he already works with — you won’t see his produce at a farmers market. Rather, it’s a passion project.

“I love cooking food that I see grow,” he said. 

Anderson says he hopes to find a farmer who can also hold agriculture classes for kids.

“As we search for a farmer, we hope to find someone who has that gift of teaching as well,” he said. 

The plan is to have the farm operating this summer.