NAUGATUCK, Conn. (WTNH) — Naugatuck officials are investigating racist and violent comments allegedly made by the police chief’s daughter on social media.

According to the Naugatuck mayor, the “disgusting and totally inappropriate” comments are now the subject of three separate investigations. The Board of Education and the borough as well as an outside, independent party are looking into the matter.

“We are gathering information internally and are also in the process of bringing in assistance from outside to conduct a comprehensive and independent investigation,” the mayor writes.

The images above are blurred because she’s a minor.

The mayor adds that the comments posted online were not in line with the police chief’s character and leadership of the police department.

This sent shockwaves through the community and, now, many are calling for justice and action. Naugatuck’s mayor said there are three separate investigations into the matter.

These posts have been shared widely on social media, now surfacing years after they were originally posted. They contain racist and violent statements allegedly made by the daughter of Naugatuck’s police chief, Steven Hunt.

One Snapchat reads: “My dad is now officially police chief so that means he’s more advanced in shooting black people than he was a couple of minutes ago.”

Another one uses the “N” word.

Naugatuck’s mayor, deputy chief of police, and chairman of the Naugatuck police issued a joint statement Friday night.

“These statements do not reflect the values of the Naugatuck police department in any way,” says Mayor Pete Hess.

“We want to ensure the community has confidence in the police department and that we are conducting our duties in a progressive and unbiased manner,” adds Deputy Chief Colin McAllister, Naugatuck PD.

On Saturday night, Chief Hunt and his wife released an ‘open letter to the community’ regarding their daughter’s posts. They said the posts were made two years ago when she was 13.

The statement said in part,

We cannot soothe or erase the pain caused by the words and images seen by many. On behalf of our family, we sincerely apologize to all those who were hurt by this. We are left, however, as parents of a scared, regretful child who has and will continue to suffer the consequences of her poor and inexcusable actions. While we fully intend to hold our daughter accountable for her mistakes, we will continue to offer her the same unconditional love any parent would show a child who has erred but showed remorse.

No parent wishes their child to be the primary actor in a “teachable moment”, but there are lessons to be learned. In the age of social media, our words and actions can be scrutinized for all to see. Hurtful and racist comments will live long after they are made. All of us are probably not ever as good as our best day. For our daughter’s sake, we hope that no one will be defined by their worst.

Read the full statement in the PDF below:

The comments sparked outrage with community members wanting answers.

“My concern is they’ve been sitting out there, who knew about them, and why are they just popping up now,” Ginnie-Rae Clay, President, Greater Waterbury NAACP.

Ginnie-Rae Clay, president of the Greater Waterbury NAACP, is hoping to speak with borough officials about this.

“My hope is that they will be welcoming to these conversations, and they’ll be open, and they’ll be forthcoming.”

“We’re going to do more research and really figure out what’s going on because things like this can’t happen,” says Dwayne Pittman, First VP of the Greater Waterbury NAACP.

“You don’t want to see this in your community, especially a child of two people in positions of power in town,” Valerie Doty said.

Naugatuck’s mayor says the parents both maintain their current positions within the police department and school.

Two petitions are circulating online demanding justice. You can view the online petitions here and here.