BERLIN, Conn. (WTNH) – A new, energizing field as Veterans get back into civilian life.

Brian McPheron served 23 years in the Navy.

“I’ve been overseas, but we’re not allowed to talk about it,” said McPheron. He can talk about why he made the big move to Connecticut from Iowa. It was for his grandchild, Zander.

“I just wanted to be with family. So I decided to look for a job,” said McPheron.

He looked and landed at Eversource. He’s one of six veterans currently training at the campus in Berlin.

Manager of Field Training for Eversource Steven Lacroix said, “When you leave the military, you don’t know what you don’t know and there wasn’t a lot of work out there.”

Lacroix is a former Marine and then climbed the ranks at Eversource. He’s now teaching other veterans how to be electric operations field supervisors.

Lacroix said, “I think that one of the things that the military folks bring to the mix is their ability to adapt and overcome, adjust quickly.”

They learned how to safely test voltage today and hope to be ready for the road by December.

McPheron said, “It makes you proud. You serve your country and it’s nice to see that people outside of the service recognize that and appreciate your talent.”

Now this might be new training for veterans, but they have 600 company-wide. Eversource says it’s always been part of their mission.