Naugatuck, Conn. (WTNH) — This wasn’t exactly the Mother’s Day families were expecting in a neighborhood off Millville Avenue in Naugatuck.

Thieves ransacked around 10 cars and got away with stolen items including cell phones and iPads at around 2 a.m. Sunday morning.

Naugatuck resident Nicole Novembre had her car broken into, finding her car window smashed on her way out to celebrate Mother’s Day with her family. Her backpack with her iPad inside was gone.

“They thought they could go in my car and take whatever they wanted to,” Novembre said. “How would they feel if somebody did that to their mother, or their grandmother?”

Novembre immediately contacted local police. Investigators say they believe two people are responsible.
The break-ins come days before the anniversary of Novembre’s son’s death, who says it’s a lot to bear.

“You should feel safe going to sleep at night and not worry about if your car’s going to be broken into,” Novembre said. “They should have to pay for that.”

Investigators are still trying to identify the suspects, but say they were traveling in a white Acura. A witness also says they looked like men in their mid-20s. Anyone with information about these break-ins is urged to call Naugatuck police.