WATERBURY, Conn. (WTNH) — Two adults and an infant are dead after a fire broke out at a multi-family home in Waterbury on Wednesday morning.

Fire officials said firefighters pulled out 45-year-old Freddie Lawson, 25-year-old Alexia Moreno, and their 15-month-old son from the three-story house on 3rd Street. Emergency crews performed CPR on all three individuals before they were taken to a hospital, fire officials said.

Lawson and Moreno were pronounced dead, fire officials said. The medical examiner said they died of smoke inhalation and ruled their deaths accidental.

The infant was transported to Yale-New Haven Hospital in guarded condition. The infant sadly passed away on Friday, according to fire officials.

Officials said the third floor was consumed by flames, and it took firefighters about half an hour to put out the fire.

Waterbury Deputy Fire Chief Stephen Ayotte said they were unable to use new life-saving compression devices because of state training regulations, and it would have allowed for extra personnel on the scene.

“Now they’re no longer searching, they’re taking them out. They’re taking these victims out and they can’t get back into the search because they’re doing CPR,” Ayotte said.

Michael McNair said his nephew Jahkquez woke him up as the fire broke out. Michael, his brother, and his nephew live below the third floor where the fire started.

They told News 8 they saw the flames and tried to get to their neighbors but could not get up the stairs because of the heat and smoke.

They were able to get out of the house. Michael and his nephew said they wish they could have done more.

“To hear somebody yelling for help, you can’t help them… it’s like horrifying to me,” McNair said. “When it happened, then I see the baby come outside and they were giving him CPR and stuff, it kind of shook me real bad.”

“I went upstairs because I heard the girl say, ‘help me, help me…’ and as soon as I got upstairs, the flame just shot up and I had to go back downstairs,” Jahkquez said.

Michael and his nephew are staying at a local hotel. In the meantime, they are just trying to hang on and find a new place to live.

“Take it day by day… and see how things go,” McNair said.

Another family is also displaced. The American Red Cross is assisting, and they say they need volunteers.

If you are interested in volunteering, click here.