WEST HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — A man armed with an axe and a hammer started attacking people at a West Haven home early Monday morning, witnesses told News 8.

Witnesses said the alleged attacker brought those weapons to a house on Bristol Street where his former girlfriend lives.

“He always comes over here and threatens everybody, and we just ignore him,” said Orin Webster, who said the woman is his niece. “But this morning, he took it to another level.”

Webster said the woman’s old boyfriend, also the father of her child, came to the house and attacked her new boyfriend in the 5 o’clock hour. The fight spilled out into the street, where neighbors called 911. Webster said his family woke him up to try to help.

“So, I ran outside to try to break it up, but my neighbors told me don’t go down there because he got an axe,” Webster said. “That’s when my brother came, and we all hit him and got the axe away from him.”

It was a scary morning for the whole neighborhood. By mid-morning, evidence markers littered the pavement, pointing out the weapons and a trail of blood. In the middle of it all, parents dropped off kids at the daycare just two houses away.

Webster ended up with cuts on his hand, but he and his brother did get that combat axe away from the attacker. Not before that axe did some serious damage to the new boyfriend, however.

“He got a big hole in his back, and his head got gashed, like several parts up on his head,” Webster said. “He’s bleeding from his head right now.”

The alleged attacker wound up in the hospital, too. No word yet on what charges he is facing. Police are also looking into whether the woman had a valid protective order against the old boyfriend.