WATERBURY, Conn. (WTNH) — Two 16-year-olds are in custody Tuesday night after making school threats on social media, according to police.

The social media threats were made on Monday for Crosby High School and Enlightenment School, which were placed under shelter-in-place orders as a result.

Each teen was arrested for a different threat and was charged with first-degree threatening and second-degree breach of peace.

The Waterbury Police Department will continue working with the board of education to charge those who have made school threats, according to an announcement from law enforcement.

The charges are the most recent in a slew of threats made this month against schools in the state. There have been at least nine threats to Connecticut schools made since Sept. 16, which have prompted school delays, and early releases and led to more officers being seen around the facilities.

Waterbury schools, especially have seen multiple threats in the last two weeks.

Statewide, threats have also been made at E.O. Smith High School, Kennedy High School, Manchester High School, and Windham High School, among others. Tuesday alone, four Waterbury schools were under a shelter in place.

Last week, a juvenile was charged with making a threat to Danbury High School.