NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Eleven-month-old Kataryna Nallainathan was one of 30 children adopted Friday as part of the Connecticut Department of Children and Families Adoption Day.  

Kataryna’s parents, Prashanth Nallainathan and Susan Poswinski said they’ve fostered their daughter since February, just days after she was born.  

“[I] don’t really think they’re adopted,” Nallainathen said. “I don’t think they’re a foster. I think they are my child.”  

They had already adopted Kataryna’s three-year-old sister, Zoey, during the pandemic.  

“One of the main reasons to do fostering is so that the children don’t have to be separated,” Poswinski said.  

The two parents say they’re in their late 40s and have no birth children of their own. They say their journey to adopt has been emotional.   

“Both our children were born addicted to drugs, and we had to go through that process with seeing them come off of it and working with the shortcomings they had at the time to get them through it,” Poswinski said.  

They said they’re in contact with their daughters’ extended birth family.  

“Nobody wants to give up their child, and we know that,” Poswinski said. “They are, kind of, an extension of our family, as well.” 

It’s a difficult decision many families face. Commissioner Vannessa Dorantes of Connecticut’s Department of Children and Families said they’ve finalized 420 adoptions so far this year and keeping siblings together is vital.    

“The strongest connection a child can have, most times, are their siblings,” Dorantes said. “So, in cases like today, the sibling connection is a really strong bond that’s only reinforced by loving parents.”   

From the courthouse to their own house, Kataryna and Zoey are strengthening their bond.