EAST HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — She has a heart for service, a love of dogs and a need…for speed? On the go-kart track, that is.

Peggy Dercole, East Haven’s 69-year-old “The Golden Bachelor” contestant, launched her Instagram page this month in preparation for the spinoff’s upcoming premiere — giving a close-up look into her everyday life. The dental hygienist’s posts are full of upcoming excitement for the show, her beloved pup and slices of life.

Dercole is among the women who will date 72-year-old Gerry Turner during “The Golden Bachelor.” Each contestant on the spinoff is at least 60 years old.

Dercole was debuted in a casting announcement video (set to Cher’s “Believe” and featuring a supercut of the women gushing about pickleball) smiling and laughing on a couch while wearing a feathered black dress.

With less than two weeks to go until the Sept. 28 premiere on ABC, here are seven things to know about Dercole:

  1. She loves her work: Dercole, a dental hygienist, retired from her practice — and then came back because she missed the work, according to her bio on ABC.
  2. It’s all about Libby: Dercole’s bichon frisé, Libby, is featured in three of her Instagram account’s 15 posts (matching her number of posts about the show). The pictures include the fluffy white dog riding in a red shopping cart, eating melon “like mama” and lounging in a new bed Libby got for her birthday.
  3. No stranger to the track: Ready, set, go! She loves riding go karts, according to both her official bio and Instagram pages. She’s a self-professed enthusiast seen posing with a cart in one photo, and driving laps at a Wallingford facility in a video. “Love it!” she said in a reply. “High energy and adrenaline.”
  4. She’s all about the healthy lifestyle: She starts each day with prayer and exercise. Dercole posted a video of her riding an exercise bike, noting light in her yellow sunroom. In another photo with her dog, she mentions a love for healthy eating.
  5. She has a green thumb: That healthy lifestyle she mentioned earlier? That includes working out in a room full of light and plants — lots, and lots of plants. “Some people would say that I have a green thumb,” she said in a video showing off her collection.
  6. Service is a passion: Dercole uses her skills for a good cause. She’s traveled to developing nations as part of volunteer dental missions.
  7. She has no regrets: “I have loved every season of my life,” she said in her ABC bio. “I would not change a thing.” But, if she did…it would to become Jennifer Lopez for a day.