NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – A program that helps young people beat drug and alcohol addition is expanding its services in New Haven.

For the past decade and a half, Turnbridge has been helping people in their teens and early 20s with drug and alcohol addiction. Clients live in a group setting, and get comprehensive help managing their addictions and their lives. The need is so great now, however, they are branching out.

Turnbridge is officially offering help beating drug and alcohol addiction to, potentially, hundreds more people. For 15 years, Turnbridge has only been a residential program. Now it is opening its clinic on an outpatient basis.

“There’s a tremendous need,” explained David Vieau, Turnbridge’s President & CEO. “The phones have been ringing off the hook.”

The downtown New Haven clinical facility will offer clients group counseling, individual therapy, and a range of addiction help. Plus there’s a lab to test clients and make sure they are staying clean. It’s all done in a setting that tries to look and feel more like a home than a clinic.

Right now Turnbridge, has around 180 clients living in the residential program in sober houses all over the New Haven area. By opening up just the clinical services on an outpatient basis, it means that the number of people they can help now is almost unlimited.

“We’ve been going through the opioid epidemic in our country, and to have a place that provides the services and gives people a sense of hope is really important for our city,” said Mayor Toni Harp, (D) Connecticut at the ceremonial ribbon cutting on Orange Street.

Turnbridge mostly helps people in their early 20s. That’s an age when people make poor decisions, but can still turn their lives around. This new phase will expand the age range, allowing people struggling with addiction to get help in the evenings when they get off work.

“You have more ability to do that when you’re not landlocked by residential beds,” Vieau said. “We have a clinical facility here that is probably 15,000 square feet. So the sky’s the limit.”

Unfortunately, the need keeps growing as well. Death rates due to opioid overdose keep going up every year.

To learn more about Turnbridge, visit them online.