NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH)– There was a push for more public transportation during a news conference that was held in New Haven on Transit Equity Day.

The big message from folks was bigger and better buses routes. A bus seat was also reserved for Rosa Parks.

It’s all for Transit Equity Day where they celebrate how Rosa Parks fought for civil rights and highlight the importance of strong public transportation.

Politicians and advocates stood in the cold to talk about this issue, saying if you improve public transportation like bus routes it can help hard working folks ease the burden by providing an affordable way to get to work and cuts down traffic on the roads.

The DOT transit administrator says they just completed a several year study and they hope to expedite bus service by creating smaller hubs, consolidating bus stops, and cutting down on wait times.

“Our service hasn’t been completely reworked in the region in a number of years. So as the community changes and certain areas grow more, it’s necessary to restructure the routes,” said Dennis Solensky, DOT Transit Administrator.

They would also like to see expanded bus routes to make sure all communities have bus routes available.